You'll Do Anything Book Series TitlesIn this breakout set of personalized books, the language of relationships is redefined as you read about yourself. Traditional labels are set aside in favor of understanding what you’re thinking and feeling, why you’re the person who gives up yourself to make the relationship work, and why this style of relating isn’t working for you.


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About Maureen

My career focus has been the study of the psychological forces that underlie the behaviors, feelings, and emotions between people in relationships.

Specifically, how a child’s lack of development of self-esteem and self-confidence within a parent-child relationship influences, later in life, the adult’s style, patterns, and cycles of relating in their relationships.

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Relationship Perspectives

New relationship perspective

Do you give up yourself to “make” your relationship work?

Do you focus on your partner’s needs and feelings to “make” sure they are happy?

Do you know more about your partner’s needs and feelings than your own?

In other words, “making” your partner happy “makes” you happy.

We call this relationship perspective a “one-person relationship”.

Do you realize that you’re the foundation of a “one-person relationship” when you are not present for your own needs and feelings.

Breaking the cycle and patterns of a “one-person relationship” is all about consciously moving into unfamiliar emotional territory. The place to start is by accepting that everyone has needs, feelings, thoughts, preferences, and ideas—including you.


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Do you want to live a life based only on what your significant other wants and needs or do you want to include your self in the relationship, live a life based on what you want and need, and still be there for your partner as best as you can? And do you want to learn how to find a partner who will be there for you?



About the Practice

Maureen E. Hosier, PhD is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, helping individuals in the Los Angeles area to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence in significant, family, workplace, and social relationships.

Also, she focuses on the development of emotional maturity and wisdom.

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The Roni Deutch Radio Show with Maureen Hosier PhD



In this podcast, we discuss relationship topics that include:

  • How we are emotionally triggered and how to deal with an emotionally reactive position.
  • Why it’s important to interrupt your emotional reactions.
  • Understand that you cannot change the other person in your relationship. And so much more.

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Controlling the Emotional Freight Train





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Please stop by and join us as I discuss you and other people just like you, that give up themselves to make their relationship work.

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