About Maureen

My name is Maureen E. Hosier, PhD. I am a Clinical Psychologist and I currently practice in Los Angeles, California in the village of Brentwood. My career focus has been the study of the psychological forces that underlie the behaviors, feelings, and emotions between people in relationships.

Specifically how a child’s lack of development of self-esteem and self-confidence within a parent-child relationship influences, later in life, the adult’s style, patterns, and cycles of relating in their relationships.

For more than 22 years Maureen Hosier has  specialized in the troubled dynamics of individuals in their romantic relationships and in their family and work place relationships. She has co-authored with her sister Berta Hosier Conger, two well received books titled:


 You’ll Do Anything for Her and You’ll Do Anything for Him

Her proven practice of providing her clients with a ‘New Relationship Perspective’ has been well received and the results have led to awards, top reviews and write-ups along with featured radio broadcasts and a podcast played across the country. Maureen has recently been approached by the Roni Deutch radio show, KIEB 1150, and is currently working on production of a monthly segment aimed at her ‘New Relationship Perspective’ theory.




Paris Book Festival Awards 2017-Honorable Mention

2017 Maxy Awards-First Place Best Non-Fiction

Nonfiction Book Authors Award-Won Silver 2017

2017 Living Now Awards Entry- Winner Bronze Award Relationships