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From two best selling books authored by Maureen Hosier PhD, there had been to much confusion when one person or both in a relationship. Feel mis-placed or used or feeling they are in a one sided relationship with what seems like no-commitment from their partner.

Well it’s time to forget about being confused about your relationship and giving up to much of yourself. and getting nothing in return. It time to get into a new relationship perspective, and refresh your relationship! Dr. Maureen E. Hosier, Ph.D., a nationally recognized clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, CA that works with many couples and provides lasting therapy.

She also offers FREE Relationship Advice on her New Relationship Perspectives Show, a weekly radio broadcast with the BBM Global Network. She invites listeners to join her each week (show airs Mondays 11AM pst) as she reveals different relationship perspectives for relationship building, positive communication and conflict resolution.


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