Through Empire Radio Now and All Business Media FM and the Roni Deutch show (coming soon), I have been given the opportunity to educate my clients, listeners and visitors with the knowledge and skills I have acquired over my 20+years of experience as a PHD in fixing relationships. I strongly believe that through a ‘New Relationship Perspective’  people will be given a new direction to empower themselves and each other.

Please stop by and join us as I discuss you and other people just like you, that have serious concerns about their relationship or starting a new one.


I will list current and past radio round-tables here from Empire Radio as they become available… Thanks for your support!



  1. 7-18-17 The Treat Yourself Better Mind Set Maureen E Hosier 10:24
  2. 8-01-17 New Relationship Perspectives Maureen-E-Hosier-PhD- 31:00
  3. 8-08-17 Giving Too Much Of Yourself In Relationships Maureen-E-Hosier-PhD 30:17
  4. 8-15-17 Why Are You Making Sacrifices? Maureen E. Hosier PhD 31:28
  5. 8-29-17 What Complicates Things In Relationships Maureen E Hosier PhD 30:47
  6. 9-5-17 My Two "Must Have" Books Maureen E Hosier 31:13
  7. 9-12-17 Desperation In Relationships Maureen-E-Hosier-PhD 30:08
  8. 9-19-17 When Both Of You Are In It Too Deep Maureen E Hosier PhD 30:55
  9. 9-26-17 Destructive Patterns in Relationships Maureen E Hosier PhD 30:48
  10. 10-03-17 Masking Your Feelings Won't Last Maureen Hosier PhD 30:36
  11. 10-10-17 Emotional Immaturity Maureen-E-Hosier-PhD 31:14
  12. 10-17-17 Why Do I Keep Choosing The Same Type Of Person In A New Relationship Maureen E. Hosier PhD 30:48
  13. 10-24-17 Emotional Immaturity Leads To Divorce Maureen E. Hosier PhD 31:24
  14. 10-31-17 A New Relationship Perspective Maureen Hosier PhD 32:30