A New Relationship Perspective

Do you want a “two-person relationship?”

You don’t have to come into a relationship knowing everything about “two-person”relating; you can learn together. There is a difference in your relationship needs.

A “two-person relationship” starts with you both co-committing to avoiding (literally), the “In It” moment; avoiding arguing about what happened, or what didn’t happen, or who’s right or wrong, or who’s the bad guy.

A new relationship perspective is for you both to learn to listen to and care about what you each need and want.

Both of my books hold the key elements, that will show you what it takes to become strong about your true feelings and be able to   put them into practice. Take action and rekindle what you probably think now is a dying relationship… it doesn’t have to be when you   both are co-committed to “making” the relationship work.

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