Relationship Perspectives

Do you want to live a life based only what your significant other wants and needs or do you want to include your self in the relationship, live a life based on what you want and need and still be there for your partner as best as you can? And do you want to learn how to find a partner who will be there for you?

Breaking the cycle and patterns of a one-person relationship is all about consciously moving into unfamiliar emotional territory. The place to start is by accepting that everyone has needs, feelings, thoughts, preferences, and ideas—including you.

You don’t have to come into a relationship knowing everything about a two-person relationship; you can learn together. There is a difference in your relationship perspectives. S/he can feel one way and you can feel another, and both of your feelings can be true in the same moment. Neither one of you is right or wrong. You are simply feeling and interpreting things differently as separate individuals.

A two-person relationship starts with you being able to listen to and understand her/his relationship perspective as it relates to her/his feelings and growing-up experiences.

In the same way, you want your partner to listen to you and understand your relationship perspective as it relates to your feelings and growing-up experiences. A new relationship perspective is you both wanting to know why you each feel the way you do in that very moment because you want to know—really know—each other.

Both of my books hold the key elements, that will show and teach you what it takes to become strong about your true feelings and be able to put them into practice. Take action and rekindle what you probably think now is a dying relationship… it’s doesn’t have to be.

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